Ever Manifesto: Bamboo We Salute You

It’s a marvel of nature: a green powerhouse that could have a big impact on our fight to protect the environment. Bamboo has ben considered a “cradle-to-grave” resource in asia for centuries, revered for its culinary, architectural, musical and even electrical capabilities; it is referred to as “friend of the people” in chinese and “brother” in vietnamese.

Photography Jason Schmidt. Rob Pruitt, Keeping Warm, 2001, enamel paint and glitter on canvas, 96 x 72 in., courtesy of the artist and Gavin Brown’s enterprise. Thank you Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Scarlett Connolly

Bamboo is a perennial evergreen grass, meaning that it thrives in every season, grows in locations as varied as tropical landscapes and cold mountain terrains, and can reach a height of 60 feet in 60 days. (That would take a tree about 60 years.) It photosynthesizes more carbon than any species on earth, helping to clean the air of greenhouse gases, and it can produce more than 15 km of usable pole in a plant’s lifetime. Bamboo was the first plant to grow out of the devastation of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, becoming a national symbol of hope for Japan in the 1940s.

Nowadays we associate bamboo’s long, hard, notched tubes with the playful panda, exotic locations, and home décor: the bamboo pattern that Tiffany & Co introduced for its silverware in the mid 20th century is still one of the company’s best sellers. But bamboo has far more potential than that. What we want to focus on in this second edition of the Ever Manifesto is not the plant’s past but its future, exploring the many ways in which it is being used in contemporary fashion, design, architecture, food, gardens, and art.

We joined forces with Gucci, the sponsors of this issue, to inspire the next generation of creative talents. Together, we launched a design competition with students from the IFM fashion school in Paris and challenged them to create a bag that incorporated sustainable principles and used bamboo in an innovative way, to be sold online and in selected Gucci boutiques; filmmaker Loic Prigent to document the process from beginning to end. We turned to design guru Ambra Medda to learn about how bamboo is being used in some of the most eye-catching and innovative furniture around; top chefs gave us their insights into bamboo as a culinary treat; and we were dazzled by the way Mike and Doug Starn erected a monumental bamboo artwork at this year’s Venice biennale.

Our mission at Ever Manifesto is to challenge the thought process behind modern creative processes and consumption, and to question how we approach the world that surrounds us so that we can make the world a greener and more ecologically aware place. Bamboo is only one example of how we can curb our use of non-renewable materials; if we all take the time to think about the choices we make, we’re bound to find better ways to protect our environment while enhancing our wellbeing. Creative thinking takes work, but we think it’s worth it. After looking through this issue, we hope you will agree.

Photography Zoë Ghertner. Ever Manifesto And Gucci Commissioned Sustainable Bag By Laura Popoviciu / The Institut Français De La Mode

Ever Manifesto Issue 02


Charlotte Casiraghi
Elizabeth von Guttman
Alexia Niedzielski

Editor In Chief

Stefano Tonchi

Creative Director

Patrick Li / Li, Inc.

Art Director

Seth Zucker / Li, Inc.


Armand Limnander
Alix Browne


Daniel Wagner
Shawn Carney

Managing Editor

Jeanine Celeste Pang


Robin Broadbent — Confetti System (Nick Andersen and Julie Ho) — Pete Deevakul — Zoë Ghertner — Philippe Jarrigeon — Toby McFarlan Pond — Rob Pruitt — Jo Ratcliffe — Jason Schmidt — Doug Starn — Mike Starn


Laird Borrelli — Alix Browne — Felix Burrichter — Armand Limnander — Alexandra Marshall — Ambra Medda — Christine Muhlke — Edwina von Gal — Gregory Wessner

Design Co-ordinator

Bettina Sorg

Copy Editor

Amélie Cherlin


Fontegrafica srl Cinisello Balsamo, Italy

Special Thanks To

Arief Rabik

Ever Manifesto

Issue Number 2

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Mike and Doug Starn, BBV_05.31.11_0794, Venice, 2011
Courtesy of the artists
Unique composition for Ever Bamboo

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