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Walk up and down the aisle of any supermarket or store, and we are presented with more choice than ever. Go online, and any worldly desire is just a click away. We’re quite used to getting what we want, when we want it. Yet are we aware of where and how our desires are made? That every time we buy something, we’re endorsing a means of making that has an impact on our earth and all that call it home?

Being aware of the power of our choices is what we call conscious consumerism. Whether it’s a garment, a gadget or even a sandwich, every time we buy, we are making a declaration of the kind of world we would like to live in now and in the future. It’s to recognise that with more choice comes more responsibility.

Yet nobody’s perfect — we live busy lives, and quite often the best option isn’t the most convenient, or the most affordable. Sometimes, you may question whether your choices even have an impact in the grand scheme of things. One of the paradoxes of living in an era with so many of our voices swirling between the satellites that frame our planet, is that we have little time to consider our sense of self, or our intentions. With that in mind, Ever Conscious is a call for self-reflection around these issues — a pause to stop to consider how these choices could be made easier for us, what we could improve in our day to day lives, and how these decisions could determine the change we want to see in the world.

Within the pages of this magazine, we explore some of the complexities and challenges of this consumer conundrum. We survey the opinions and experiences of environmental activists, business leaders, retail gurus, designers and tastemakers, and debate whether responsibility lies with customers or businesses. We question if sustainability is linked to making and buying less, if it’s about taking better care of what we already have, or whether there are new methods of designing and making things that could even help the Earth and its economy.

Nobody is saying it’s easy, for businesses or their customers — though we’ve discovered a number of things that could be put in motion which would help make it easier for us to decide how we spend our money. The most important being a labelling system that makes clear how and where our things are made — for both brands and the buyer.

As an industry worth $1.5 trillion to the world’s economy, employing millions of people across the globe in a supply chain that reaches into the farthest corners of our planet, Ever Conscious has a specific focus on fashion, the design discipline that defines our identity more than any other. Yet we also reach out to food, flying and the financial system, a game we’ve invented with one principal directive — to maximise profits no matter the consequences.

Ever Conscious believes it’s time to reinvent the game. Businesses become successful by listening to their customers. Through making our voices heard and voting with our wallets, we can bring about change — let those businesses know your desire for a more transparently produced and ethically responsible product on your backs. As after all, is the current situation something we really want to sustain?


Ever Conscious


Alexia Niedzielski
Elizabeth von Guttman


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Alexia Niedzielski
Elizabeth von Guttman
Charlotte Casiraghi

Ever Manifesto

Issue Number 3

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Sina by Carsten Höller, 2014
Courtesy of the Artist
Unique artwork for Ever Conscious


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Carsten and Sina
by Carsten Höller, 2014
John Scarisbrick
Dan Sjölund

Cease and Desist
Getty Images, courtesy Tristan Savatier
Midway: Message from the Gyre, 2013, courtesy Chris Jordan

Live Large Live Smaller
Graham Hill’s LifeEdited v1.0 apartment, courtesy Matthew Williams

Cultural Exchange
Indonesian Rainforests, for the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) courtesy David Gilbert

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